Mr. Water Proof Polishing Cloth #6000 #8000

Mr. Hobby
$7.99 CAD



● It is difficult to get deep scratches on the object to be polished, and a uniform and stable finish is obtained. 

● Structurally, it is the same as abrasive cloth paper, but because soft cushioning material is used for base material treatment and synthetic resin, it is soft for abrasive material. 

● The product has flexibility, easily complicated to complicated shape of three-dimensional object, finish fine finely. 

● Scratches on plastic products, metal products, painted surfaces, finishing, compound finishing, glossy finish. 

● You can polish either dry polishing or wet polishing with water. 


Structure and function 

● Flexible, base material and synthetic resin are used. 

● The abrasive is uniformly dispersed in the binder and coated.

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