HGUC #116 MSN-06S Sinanju Neo Zeon Mobile Suit Customized For Newtype 1/144

$42.99 CAD

An HGUC Sinanju! Bandai has created magic by bringing you the Sinanju, previously available only in a 1/100 scale Master Grade kit, as a 1/144 scale High Grade kit!


■ This special HGUC has many of the same features which made the MG Version so special such as movable thrusters on the legs and backpack, a Grenade Launcher which attaches to the Beam Rifle or shield, and Beam Axes that can be attached to the shield.

■ As well, Bandai has included an extra set of hands molded in fist-clenching form. The MG doesn't even have that!

■ Bandai has also taken care of the gold trim for you with a set of gold foil stickers.

■ Snap fit assembly, no glue required.

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