HGUC #137 Zaku I Sniper Type (Yonem Kirks Custom) 1/144

$24.99 CAD

Here comes another version of the Zaku I Sniper Type this time in the colors found in Gundam UC as piloted by Yonem Kirks. Watch out Gundam Unicorn, there are a sniper's crosshairs on you!


■ Recreate the Zaku I Sniper Type`s unique shooting stance! 

■ Features a high level of detail in line with others in the HGUC series.

■ Barrel cases stored on the backpack.

■ Left leg kneepad can be deployed for a stable shooting position.

■ Storage clip for attaching MS to a transport plane are featured on the unit`s chest! 


Accessories : Beam Sniper Rifle, Open Palm (Right) , Barrel Exchange Case

Item Size/Weight : 29.8 x 18.9 x 7 cm / 302g

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