HGIBO #027 ASW-G-XX Gundam Vidar 1/144

$19.99 CAD


"Iron-Blooded Orphans" From the 2nd Phase, the Gundam Frame's new aircraft appears in the 1/100 scale "Full Mechanics" series! Named after an ancient Norse god:


■ Molded in blue, white and dark gray plastic; foil stickers are provided for markings.

■ Makeup department in charge of mechanical design Including details drawn by Mr. Ippei, high-end specification full of mechanical feeling that can not be drawn by animation! 

■ Various gimmicks are mounted on high mobility, and the Gundam frame is also reproduced detailed! 

■ 6 swords can be replaced, the rail slide gimmick is mounted on the lap binder which becomes the sheath! 

■ Sword action is well decidedly appealing!

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