MG 1/100 Jesta



Master Grade kit of the Londo Bell Corps' high-performance MS: the Jesta! Deployed by the elite Londo Bell Corps, the Jesta is replicated here with gimmicks such as its moving shield arm:


■ In addition, this kit incorporate proportions and features once thought to be unique to top-level kits, now made standard for the Master Grade series.

■ Movable shield arm can hold the shield against the backpack or in a usable position! 

■ Grenades mounted at the waist, and specialized Beam Rifle and Beam Saber are included 

■ Emotion manipulators adopted from the higher-level v Gundam Ver.Ka, along with the weapon-locking system!

■ With a limited operating time in Destroy Mode, the Unicorn Gundam relies on the elite RGM-96X Jesta to take out it's non-Newtype enemies! 

■ A beautifully detailed snapfit kit, fully posable after assembly.

■ Molded in multiple colors, so painting is not entirely necessary.


Accessories: Beam Rifle, Shield, Beam Saber, Pilot Figure (Standing, Sitting), Joint for Action Base 1

Item Size/Weight : 31.2 x 20.2 x 13.5 cm / 668g 

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