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MG 1/100 FA-010-A Fazz Sentinel Version

    MG 1/100 FA-010-A Fazz Sentinel Version

    $99.99 CAD

    After some messy production delays, Bandai is now regularly shipping the most-impressive Master Grade FAZZ (pronounced like "fahts" here in Japan, from the acronym for "Full Armor Double Zeta (ZZ)":


    ■ Perhaps more impressive than all the armor on this mobile suit is the weapons. In addition to the Double Beam Cannon, you get that massive Hyper Mega Cannon.

    ■ Be forewarned! Getting him to pose with that monster on his shoulder is a bit of a challenge, but it can be done. Hours of assembly fun.

    ■ Comes with markings for three different machines (04, 05 and 06).