RG #08 RX-178 Gundam MK II (AEUG)



The Gundam Mk-II pair makes their appearance as the 7th and 8th kits in the RG series!! The realistic recreation of the Gundam Mk-II AEUG can be seen in many parts of this model. RG has become a distinctive line due to the very detailed and moveable elements in the advanced joints system. If you want the detail of an MG kit in the size of an HG, definitely give this line a look:


■ Once completed the MkII is amazingly detailed and incredibly posable. 

■ It comes with a rifle, shield, bazooka, two beam sabers, vulcan pods and mesh pipe for use when assembling the legs and backpack. 

■ This kit is identical to the Titans Version, except it DOES NOT come with the extra Test Suit parts that are found in the Titans kit.

■ The kit consists of 9 runners, molded in full color.

■ The inner frame is easy to assemble thanks to the advanced MS joint system.

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