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RG #11 Destiny Gundam

    RG #11 Destiny Gundam

    $39.99 CAD

    Adopted advanced MS joint. It can reproduce the dynamic posing in the air unique to SEED.

    ■ Detailed armor division taking into consideration the real machine unique to RG.

    ■ The joints and parts reproduce the texture like a metal by affixing a realistic decal.

    ■ Characteristic wings are three-dimensionalized by real machine verification.

    ■ Expansion of wing and weapon deployment gimmick can also be reproduced.

    Variety of weapons such as long range beam cannon and beam shield are included.


    The Real Grade Destiny Gundam might be the best looking Gundam kit of them all.  Comes complete with his massive weapons and enough markings to take up an evening or two! Molded in multiple colors so painting is not necessary.