OP - Grand Ship Collection - Going Merry

$24.99 CAD


Faithfully reproduce the sailing ship, Going Mary which appears in the animation "ONE PIECE."


■ This model kit of the iconic Going Merry from "One Piece" is cast in several different colors of plastic, and includes a water-look base and stickers for markings.

■ Snap-fit assembly makes it easy to put together!

■ Non-scale, total length about 280 mm. 

■ The wood grain of the hull, the knot of the rope and the wrinkles of the sail are reproduced. 

■ The figure of one straw of wheat straw is attached. 

■ Pirate ships include accessories such as cannons and anchors that are indispensable. 

■ By using different materials for each rope, ease of assembly, & realism are compatible. 

■ Navigation and anchorage are reproduced by moving the anchor. 

Molded item × 11, water transfer decal × 1, marking seal × 1, foil seal × 1, nylon string × 1, assembly instructions, dedicated pedestal × 1

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