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RG #17 Wing Gundam Zero EW XXXG-00W0

    RG #17 Wing Gundam Zero EW XXXG-00W0

    $39.99 CAD

    Bandai's Real Grade lineup just got even more awesome with the addition of the highly anticipated Wing Gundam Zero from "Endless Waltz"!  It's built on a "Zero Frame," which allows amazing possibilities. Some of the feathers on its' magnificent wings will also be posable thanks to its unique joints. It comes with two buster rifles which can be joined into one for the ultimate in firepower! Don't miss out on this iconic Gundam, and order now!

    Parts are molded in pale grey, dark grey, navy blue, red, clear, and yellow plastic. Paint is not required, but may be used for more a more realistic look. Decals are included with this kit.