MG Full Armor Gundam Ver.Ka Thunderbolt 1/100

    MG Full Armor Gundam Ver.Ka Thunderbolt 1/100

    $119.99 CAD

    The Full Armor Gundam from "Gundam Thunderbolt" gets a Ver. Ka Master Grade release, and it's spectacular!


    ■ All armor is removable, and the joints feature vinyl seals for added realism.

    ■ The missile hatches, cockpit hatch, and even its foot-bottom cleats open!

    ■ Chest ducts can be built in one of two configurations, and the emergency pod can transform and be stowed inside the body.

    ■ A backpack with independently-moving arm, an arsenal of weapons, and a stand round out the set!

    ■ Flexible vinyl cover most of the joints, and the Full Armor package loads it up with weaponry and armor! It also features detailed hands, a stand, and much more!