MG 1/100 GF-13-017NJ2 G Gundam (Hyper Mode)
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    MG 1/100 GF-13-017NJ2 G Gundam (Hyper Mode)

    $69.99 CAD

    Beautiful Master Grade version of the God Gundam, in 'Hyper Mode':


    ■ The base is Bandai's super flexible, super poseable 'Action Frame', put together with some snap-fit pieces, some screws, bolts, polycaps for joints, and some wire (Master Grade kits are much more complex than regular plastic kits) over which the armor is layered.

    ■ The finished product can take on infinite 'realistic' poses as seen in the anime.

    ■ Parts are gold-plated for that Hyper Mode gleam!

    ■ Some stickers for detail are included, as well as a plastic 'jewel' for the Hyper Mode unit.

    ■ Also included is a translucent orange plastic figure of Domon Kyasshu!