OP - Chopper Robo Super 2 Heavy Armor

$9.99 CAD


Chopper is ready to go with his Chopper Robo Super No. 2 Heavy Armor! 


■ The arms are posable with multiple joints, and two figures of Chopper are included--one seated and one standing; two weapon parts are also included.

■ Molded in color so painting isn't necessary (although it'll look even more awesome if you do)! 

■ Popular Chopper Robo that appeared in the new series! 

■ The motif of the chopper 's devil' s fruit motif is a cool, cute design! 

# 2 is gravity enhancement (heavy point) motif! 

■ Arm can move diversely with multiple joints! 

■ Collect all 5 Choppers to combine into a huge Chopper. 

■ 2 Very cute chopper figures included!

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