OP - Chopper Robo Super 3 Horn Dozer

$9.99 CAD


The Horn Dozer, part of the Chopper Robo Super, can transform into its bulldozer-like form!


■ It comes with parts to build two figures of Chopper--one seated and one standing.

■ The popular chopper robot worldwide, a new series appeared!

■ A motif of the chopper's devil's fruit ability, a cool parenthesis design!

# 3 is a corner reinforcement (horn point) motif!

■ Also very cute mini chopper figures included 2!

■ Able to combine 5 types from the new series. 

■ It is also possible to combine with the previous series! Let's find your own union Robo!

Molded article × 4, seal × 1, assembly instruction × 1

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