OP - Chopper Robot 4 - Chopper Drill



Chopper Drill, dig! Chopper from “One Piece” finally gets his own mecha series, and here’s one part of them--Chopper Drill!


■ A stand is included to display it in action, along with one figure of Chopper.

■ This non-scale kit is molded in multiple colors, and includes decals!

■ Chopper boarded various machines, chopper drill appeared in the Plastic Model Chopper Robo Series Lineup. 

■ Collect five robots and combine them to create a Moose Chopper. It is also possible to combine two Chopper kits. 

■ No tool required with touch gate. 

■ Chopper's facial expression can be switched by replacing parts. 

Molded article × 5, color seal × 1, assembly instruction × 1

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