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    HG EVA-04

    $49.99 CAD

    In Evangelion, EVA-04 is reported destroyed in a mysterious explosion in the United States without ever being seen on screen. Well, Bandai would love to have you think it looked just like EVA-03, except in a flat silver finish:


    ■ You get everything that comes with all the other LM-HG Evangelion kits (the good posable arms, pallet rifle, etc.), as well as a "Modified Positron Sniper Rifle." I don't think this was ever on-screen either, but it looks cool.

    ■ If you don't want to bother painting one of these kits, this EVA-04 kit is the perfect choice. That silver finish makes it a great, conversation-starting desktop ornament.

    ■ Comes with figures of Rei and Aska as children.