RE/100 Dijeh 1/100

$54.99 CAD


Amuro Ray's Zeon-like mobile suit from "Zeta Gundam" gets a 1/100 scale release! With more articulation than any Dijeh kit has had before, he's ready for all kinds of action poses upon assembly, and his mono-eye can even move from side to side!


■ Frameless construction realizes assembly with full of speed, with parts configuration that made it both movable and modeling. 

■ Sharp modeling comparable to master grade and convincing details incorporating setting consideration can be enjoyed with a sense of 1/100 size. 

■ Various posing by moving each joint, such as a drawer structure of the shoulder and a slide before and after the hip joint. 

■ Vernier in each part of the aircraft, legged vectorized thrusters, detailed details of the sole, such as details reproduced precisely. 

■ Lumbar front armor, radiating fins, shoulder on the right shoulder, weapon rack on the left shoulder is movable. 

■ Clay · Bazooka, Beam · Rifle, Beam · Naginata are included. The beam part of Naginata is reproduced with clear parts. 

■ Beam rifle and clay · bazooka can be deformed into storage form. 

■ Each armament can be attached to the back attachment. 

■ Abundant hand parts are included. 

■ Plastic model original marking seal included. 

Molded article × 13, foil seal × 1, Tetoron seal × 1, assembly instruction × 1


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