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RE 1/100 Gundam GP04 Gerbera
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    RE 1/100 Gundam GP04 Gerbera

    $54.99 CAD

    The high-speed Gundam GP04 Gerbera is the subject of this new RE/100 kit from Bandai!  Fully posable after assembly and highly detailed!  Molded in several colors so painting is not necessary; includes foil stickers and dry-transfer decals. 

    ■ Reproduces the characteristic of the Shurumu booster at the back. 

    ■ The 3 boosters are removable. The upper two reproduces the gimmick which connects with saber rack. 

    - Landing skid of the lower booster reproduces storage and deployment by parts replacement. When the skid is deployed, it also functions as a support for upright body. 

    ■ Long range · Rifle, Beam · Rifle, Shield etc. abundant armed parts are included. 

    Molded article × 10, foil seal × 1, Tetoron seal × 1, assembly instruction × 1