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MG V Gundam Ver. Ka 1/100
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    MG V Gundam Ver. Ka 1/100

    $64.99 CAD

    The snap-fit plastic kit comes molded in color, and you get to build its four modules:

    ■ Top Rim, two Core Fighters (V Gundam Core Fighter & V Gundam Hexa Core Fighter), and Bottom Rim.

    ■ The two Core Fighters can be combined with either Top Rim or Bottom Rim to form Top Fighter or Bottom Fighter.

    ■ Modelers can also assemble either Victory Gundam or the upgraded Victory Gundam Hexa with either one of the Core Fighters combining with both Top and Bottom Rims.

    ■ Upon completion, the Mobile Suit will stand 15.2cm tall and will feature extendable cockpit on its chest, and openable covers on both forearms to gain access to its beam sabers.