HGBF #024 R-Gyagya 1/144
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    HGBF #024 R-Gyagya 1/144

    $26.99 CAD

    The Gyan from the first season of Build Fighters wasn't too much to write home about, but this completely redesigned one is amazing!


    ■ A mixture of the Gyan and R-Jarja featuring all new weapons, shields, and effect parts to go with both, this will be the suit to change your mind about the Gyan design! 

    ■ Features its distinctive round shields, as well as two triangular shields, a beam saber, two twin beam sabers, and two gatlings.  

    ■ Dynamic poses can be reproduced with each joint that moves flexibly.

    ■ Distinctive circular shields move flexibly with articulated arms. Includes connecting parts to attach the shields to the forearms.

    ■ Effect parts for beam are included, as well as various weapons such as a beam saber, twin beam swords and gatling guns.

    ■ Beam parts can be attached on the top of the shield and beam effect parts can be attached on the side of the shield.


    Runner x9, Foil sticker x1, Instruction manual x1