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HG00 #004 Gundam Virtue 1/100
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    HG00 #004 Gundam Virtue 1/100

    $64.99 CAD

    Tieria Erde's Gundam Virtue is bulky and heavily armored not just for protection as it charges its slow but devastating GN Bazooka weapon; hidden beneath all that armor is an incredibly powerful Mobile Suit--Gundam Nadleeh!


    ■ Completing Bandai's 1/100-scale release of the four lead Celestial Being Mobile Suits is this Gundam Virtue kit, featuring armor parts that are removable to reveal Gundam Nadleeh.

    ■ Fully poseable upon completion thanks to polycap joints, Gundam Virtue comes with a pair of GN cannons that can be deployed in shooting mode on both shoulders and can also be used as handheld cannons for Gundam Nadleeh, and its GN bazooka can be opened for burst mode.

    ■ Not a drop of glue or paint required (although painting will improve the finished results)!

    ■ A sheet of foil stickers is included for detail.


    Get two to build and display Gundam Virtue and Gundam Nadleeh side by side!