HG00 #018 Cherudim Designer's Color Ver. 1/100
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    HG00 #018 Cherudim Designer's Color Ver. 1/100

    $44.99 CAD

    Bandai offers up this recolor edition of the January 2009-released 1/100-scale Cherudim Gundam, this time with all parts molded in the same light-toned color scheme as mecha designer Takayuki Yanase's concept illustration of Cherudim Gundam, plus the addition of an LED unit to light up the camera eyes!


    ■ Upon completion, the long-range combat specialist mecha from the second season of "Gundam 00" will feature not only polycap-jointed limbs, but also a nine detachable GN shield bits that can form various combinations of a large defense shield with the help of the included clear display stand.

    ■ Lockon's personal Mobile Suit can be equipped with the included GN sniper rifle II that can switch to vulcan mode, and two GN beam pistol IIs, plus the included clear HoloScreen part can be attached to the targeting unit folded out from the backpack for displaying the Gundam in Trans-Am mode.

    ■ Switch on the LED unit and it will light up the Gundam's camera eyes!

    ■ A sheet of foil stickers and a sheet of designer's marking stickers are provided.

    ■ One coin battery is required, not included.