HG00 #004 Gundam Kyrios 1/144

    HG00 #004 Gundam Kyrios 1/144

    $24.99 CAD

    Bandai's HG Gundam 00 lineup now gets a cool snap-fit assembly kit of Allelujah Haptism's personal Mobile Suit, the variable Gundam Kyrios!


    ■ Molded in color, it will be articulated with plenty of polycap joints upon completion and can switch between MS Mode and Flight Position.

    ■ Weapons include a GN beam submachine gun and a GN shield that can be converted into a claw.

    ■ A sheet of foil stickers is included for detail.

    ■ Not a drop of glue or paint required, although painting it would add a more realistic appearance.