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HG00 #012 Gundam Throne Zwei 1/144
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    HG00 #012 Gundam Throne Zwei 1/144

    $26.99 CAD

    Piloted by Michael Trinity and later by Ali Al Saachez in "Gundam 00," Gundam Throne Zwei is one wild Mobile Suit to contend with in battle!


    ■ Capable of dishing out strong melee attacks with its giant GN buster sword, and annihilating its targets through its remotely controlled GN fangs, it's a master at both close-up and long-range attacks!

    ■ This sharply molded kit has polycap joints and will be fully articulated upon completion.

    ■ Weapons include a GN buster sword, GN hand gun attached to its left arm, and GN fangs (non-deployable).

    ■ A sheet of foil stickers is included for detail.

    ■ Not a drop of glue or paint required, although painting it would add a more realistic appearance.