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HG00 #013 GN Arms + Gundam Exia 1/144
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    HG00 #013 GN Arms + Gundam Exia 1/144

    $94.99 CAD

    Here's a great set that includes snap-fit plastic kits of GN Arms Type E and Gundam Exia in Transam mode! Just when the Celestial Being's Mobile Suits were about to be annihilated by the new GN-X units from the three superpower nations, in comes GN Arms and pilot Lasse Aeon to the rescue!


    ■ As in the show, GN Arms can switch to GN Armor mode to allow Gundam Exia to dock with it for a major boost in both speed and firepower.

    ■ The weapons included with GN Armor mode are two large GN swords, two GN beam guns, and two large GN cannons.

    ■ The included Gundam Exia kit is almost the same as the previously released HG Gundam Exia, with the exception of red plastic parts and red foil stickers to build it in Transam mode.

    ■ A display base is included.