HG00 #024 Cherudim Gundam 1/144
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    HG00 #024 Cherudim Gundam 1/144

    $19.99 CAD

    A Celestial Being Mobile Suit specializing in long-range combat, Cherudim Gundam can take down enemy units with precision shooting using its GN Sniper Rifle II and the assistance of its HoloScreen when Trans-Am mode is activated:


    ■ This sharp snap-fit kit of Lockon's Mobile Suit comes molded in color and will be fully articulated with polycapped joints upon completion.

    ■ A sheet of foil stickers is included for detail.

    ■ Cherudim Gundam is packed with its signature weapon loadouts including its main GN Sniper Rifle II that can switch between rifle mode and a three-barrel vulcan gun mode, while the dual GN Beam Pistol IIs stored on its backpack primarily function as pistols but they can also be used as axe-like melee weapons.

    ■ The nine GN Shield Bits on the mech are removable and can be attached in various configurations on the included clear stand to form a defense shield.

    ■ A clear HoloScreen part is also provided to attach to the targeting unit folded out from the backpack.