EX-34 1/144 YMT-05 Hildolfr
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    EX-34 1/144 YMT-05 Hildolfr

    $119.99 CAD

    If you like tanks and giant robots, then look no further -- Bandai's massive YMT-Hildolfr has got you covered!


    ■ The 35-meter-long 220-ton (35 meters long and only 220 tons?!?!) experimental transformable mobile tank developed by the Principality of Zeon in the Gundam universe features a 30cm main cannon, Zaku machine guns, lots of tracks, and smoke launchers.

    ■ Bandai's excellent kit of the Hildolfr is sharply molded in dark green and gray styrene plastic with black flexible vinyl tracks.

    ■ Features many movable parts, such as the arms, shovels, and main gun.

    ■ Can be built in either tank mode or "mobile" mode (robot poking up). Exquisite detail throughout! Includes five scale figures and a sheet of nicely printed waterslide decals.