FR - Wargreymon (Amplified)
FR - Wargreymon (Amplified)
FR - Wargreymon (Amplified)
FR - Wargreymon (Amplified)
FR - Wargreymon (Amplified)
FR - Wargreymon (Amplified)
FR - Wargreymon (Amplified)
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    FR - Wargreymon (Amplified)

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    From Bandai comes a Figure-rise from "Digimon" of the standard version of Amplified WarGreymon! It's the first appearance of the amplified series, with features looking better than ever as a boost to the original design! Both arms are removable and can be attached together. The Brave Shield is able to take on a wing-like form and is detachable from the arm.




    Molded parts (x14)

    Foil sticker sheet


    Doramon Killer

    Brave Shield


    Wargraymon appeared in AMPLIFIED of Figure-rise Standard from "Degimon Adventure"!

    ■ The first of the AMPLIFIED series that has made the character's attraction "amplified" under the original respect of the original!

    ■ Part division that can be satisfied only by assembling by molding color composition that reaches six colors.

    ■ Dramon killer of both arms is removable and can be attached to one arm together.

    ■ Brave shield adopts structure to deploy like wing. Furthermore it is possible to remove and change to the arm.

    ■ Expansion 3mm hole further amplifies possibility as plastic model (AMPLIFED).



    ■ Doramon Killer

    ■ Brave shield


    [Item content]

    ■ Sprue X 14

    ■ foil sticker × 1