HG #04 Blaze Zaku Phantom (Rey Za Burrel) 1/100

$44.99 CAD

Who can resist a cute blond guy in a big mecha? Even a cute blond guy with a dumb name? But we're not here about the cute blond guy, we're here about his butt-kicking Blaze Zaku Phantom, jam-packed with missiles, a beam tomahawk, a Zaku machinegun, two shields, plenty of poseable joints thanks to polycaps -- the whole kit will be a joy to put together, thanks to Bandai's great engineering, as usual. Everything's molded in colour so you don't need to paint it; and it all snaps together so you don't need to glue it. A die-cut clear plastic data card for Rey Za Burrel (about whom nothing, it seems, but his height, weight, and blood type are known) is included. Get one while you can, 'cos crazy blond guys' mechas never seem to stay around for long!


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