HGAC LEO (Flight Unit Type) 1/144

$69.99 CAD

Equipped with flying units,

Leo attack-


From “New Mobile Battlefield Gundam W”, mass-produced MS Leo, which has been deployed to various forces such as OZ and the United Nations Alliance for the Earth,

It becomes specification with flight unit and appears in HG series!

● Reproduce various options of flight unit specifications with new modeling

  A new model reproduces flight units, leg boosters, and shoulder canons that enable high-speed flight in the atmosphere!

  ・ Flighting unit

  Reproduce the flight unit attached to the back with a new model. Both wings have a variable mechanism, which can be adapted to the scene during the play.

  ・ Leg booster

  New parts reproduce the leg booster that can be mounted on the connection base on the outside of the thigh. It is possible to rotate 90 degrees.

  ・ Shoulder canon

  Reproduce the shoulder canon with new modeling. It can be attached by recombination with the shoulder parts in general.

  The turret can be rotated at the connection base.

● Distinctive armament is included in new modeling!

  Various armed of Leo appeared in the main story is included in new modeling!

  Also included is a drum gun and shield that came with the conventional Leo.

  ・ Dover gun

  Three-dimensionalized Dover gun with new modeling. By replacing the mounting with the shoulder armor, it can be mounted on both the left and right shoulders.

  In addition, it is possible to hold both hands by the movement of the grip.

  ・ Bazooka

  Bazooka is three-dimensionalized by new modeling. As with the main part, it is possible to hold both hands.

● Reproduce the impressive body color in the play with molding color!

  It reproduces the color of the Earth of the United Nations for Geosphere Union and Southeast Asia specifications based on blue with the molding color.

  We realize impressive use of colors that seems to be mass production machine while doing main part by parts division.

Armament: Dover gun / Bazooka / Drum gun (105mm rifle) / Beam saber / Shield

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