HG Gipsy Avenger (Final Battle Specification)

$44.99 CAD


The Gipsy Avenger gets a new High-Grade kit release with an appearance based on the final scenes in the "Pacific Rim: Uprising"! Back parts are included, along with the rocket pod used at the end of the movie. In addition, the kit comes with two types of Scrappers, parts to recreate the Dual Plasma Chainsaw, and a display base. Order today!




Part to recreate launch form of the Gravity Sling

Part to recreate launch form of the Plasma Caster

Chain Sword 2.0 part

Rocket pod

Hand rocket

Hand rocket connecter part

Display base

Dual Plasma Chainsaw set

Dual Plasma Chainsaw connecter

Scrapper  (x2)

Marking sticker sheet

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