HG HAROPLA Black Tri-Haro 1/144

$9.99 CAD

 The iconic Haro from the "Gundam" series gets a new Haropla release, this time in a color matching that of the legendary Black Tri-Stars! It's palm-sized, fun to build, and features opening/closing ears, and replacement parts to display his arms and legs popped out. Bandai has even included a stand for display and parts to recreate its inner mechanical workings, plus foil stickers to mark it as any of the Black Tri-Stars! Order today! 

From the halo plastic that can be easily assembled while reproducing the internal mechanism, the black three star specification halo appeared! 

■ Ears open and close and reproduce limbs by replacement! 

■ Connection with other haloplas and petitegai is possible! 

■ Surplus parts can be stored on the pedestal. 

■ Foil seal which can reproduce number for three planes is attached. 



■ Pedestal x 1 


[Product details]

■ Molded part x 3 

■ Foil seal x 1 

■ Instruction manual x 1


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