HGUC Narrative Gundam (A-Packs) 1/144



As seen in "Mobile Suit Gundam NT," the mighty Narrative Gundam appears with its super-large "A" equipment pack! The weapons can be worn on its regular body, and an action gimmick for the Chest Expansion is also included. The hip joints feature extra-wide action for full leg movement, and stands are included to keep the huge armaments supported. Includes foil stickers for the markings. Order yours today!




Beam saber (x2)

Large beam saber (x2)

Display base

Cannon base (x2)


The leading character of "Mobile Suit Gundam NT" MS Narrative Gundam appears as a super-large equipment!

■ Ultra-large armament "A equipment" can be reproduced even in the state of the elementary body.

■ Expansion of the chest Dynamic action is also supported by gimmick.

■ The swing mechanism is adopted as the axis of the hip joint, realizing the wide range movement of the leg.

■ Reproduce propellant tank of large volume.

Reproduce the missile detail in the hatch of the missile pod.

■ Stand supporting large equipment is included.



■ Beam sabel × 2

■ Large Beam saber × 2

■ Display pedestal × 1

■ Stand for cannon × 2



■ Molded item × 30

■ foil seal × 1

■ Instruction manual x 1


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