High-Resolution Model Gundam Wing EW 1/100

$209.99 CAD



High-resolution wings interwoven with design arrangements and original gimmicks.

Of course, the reproduction of high-level aircraft settings, which are the characteristics of high-resolution models,

Equipped with design arrangements and original gimmicks on its distinctive wings.

Achieve high density detail and high play value.

Furthermore, the transformation mechanism to the bird form is also reproduced, and the width of "play" and "display" is increased.

The impressive tricolor color is reproduced with a gloss finish.

The contrast with the different material makes the three-dimensional effect stand out in combination with the internal skeletal frame.

What is a High Resolution Model?

Set the aircraft in the play "combination of materials" and "design arrangement"

It is a brand of high-resolution (high resolution) gunpla.

With a solid, fully movable assembled "internal skeletal frame" utilizing metal etc.

We reproduce high-quality material feeling by assembling type "external armor part" which reproduced various surface texture.

You can also enjoy the feeling of mechanical detail by the internal skeletal frame exposed from the gap of the exterior.


● HIGH DETAIL & DESIGN ARRANGE-High-density details and design arrangements-

  Design arrangement with the new interpretation is applied to the whole body, including <exterior> and <wing>,

  High resolution of "Wing Gundam EW" with high density detail. Reproduce the head exterior and wings, various armaments with new modeling.

● WINGS-High resolution wings consisting of new parts-

  The distinctive wings are designed and arranged, and reproduced with new modeling.

  Fine division of parts realizes high density multiple structure and original movable / stretchable gimmick.

● TRANSFORMATION-Reproduce the transformation to the bird form-

  Reproduce the mechanism of deformation to the bird form by replacement.

  The moveable / stretchable gimmick enables a dynamic action that evokes flapping even in the form of a bird.

● WEAPONS-Reproduce the dedicated arming with a new model-

  Newly-shaped reproduction of a dedicated armed Buster rifle, energy cartridge pod and shield.

  The beam saber is mounted inside the shield and comes with a clear green beam effect.

● ORIGINAL MARKING-Water transfer decal including new design is attached-

  The left shoulder and left wing contain markings for new designs.

● POSING-Realizing dynamic posing-

  Employs a new wrist structure that emphasizes posing. Realize a lively pose.


Armored: Buster rifle / beam saber / shield

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