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MG GN-X 1/100

    MG GN-X 1/100

    $59.99 CAD

    Surround them with the MG series GN-X! This is a superior mass-production suit since it comes standard with a GN drive:


    ■ Parts are molded in color and the Mobile Suit will be fully articulated with a highly detailed and poseable inner mechanical frame upon completion.

    ■ The GN-X features an openable cockpit and can be armed with the included GN beam rifle, GN long barrel beam rifle, GN beam saber, and GN shield.

    ■ The ESF GN Drive [T] can be removed from the mecha and placed in its included stand

     ■ A pivot has been placed at the shoulder parts, allowing for a natural hold on weapons, which makes it easy to create a great pose!

    ■ The hatch of the cockpit is opens, and the interior of the cockpit has been created in detail.

    ■ The kit includes figures of both Peries and Sergei in pilot suits, in seated and standing poses.

    ■ The inner frame has been designed with upgrades over earlier models, with this one taking after Exia.

    ■ It is equipped with a newly-created binder part and mechanic frame, which are features of GN-X.


    Pick up this kit to recreate memorable scenes from season two of Gundam 00!