MG Assault Buster Expansion Parts for Victory Two Gundam 1/100

$89.99 CAD

*Expansion Parts only. Main kit required*

● Bundled armed parts to reproduce V2 Assault Buster Gundam Ver.Ka. 

  Additional arming is reproduced by parts detachable type. V2 Assault Gundam, V2 Buster Gundam can also be reproduced by recombination

● Update parts for MS body are included

  In order to hold heavy equipment, it comes with an inner frame of the new structure and update parts of some exteriors.

● Reproduce in molding color according to the over-the-counter sales MS body.

  Gold part adopts gold molding color.

● V2 Assault Buster Gundam is reproduced, New design "Ver. Ka" marking <water transfer type> included.

<set content>

Assault parts complete set / Buster parts complete set / body update parts / "Ver.Ka" water transfer decal

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