MK-22 Poly Putty for Models

$22.99 CAD


Poly Putty Type

Hardener 3g included in the package

Good For Re-modelling and recasting mini part

How To Use ??


Official Ratio :  1 : 0.2 (2%)

Example : 100g putty mix with 2g hardener

Proper Mixing the Hardener with Putty and it will start to cure in 10 Minutes

Fully Cure in 30 Minutes


MK-22 double-agent ash filler: After mixing with 2% curing agent for 10 minutes, it gradually solidifies. It is suitable for modeling, stacking, transformation, stealing and filling, re-creating, fast curing, easy cutting and shaping, and the texture does not collapse after complete curing. , engraved line OK! It contains a catalyst and therefore has a shelf life of six months. Special attention is required. 110g hand bottle

AB putty, mix the hardener with putty and it will cure in 10 minutes! Best of concealing and re-modeling.

3gram hardener included in the package.


Polyester putty, come with hardener. Mixture ratio of putty:hardener are about 100:2. Just a little of hardener mix both well before apply.

Best for filling holes and large gaps.

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