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Orphans 1/100 Grimgerde
Orphans 1/100 Grimgerde
Orphans 1/100 Grimgerde
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    Orphans 1/100 Grimgerde

    $39.99 CAD

    McGillis Fareed’s mobile suit from the hit series "Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans" gets a 1/100-scale release from Bandai!


    ■ Like other 1/100-scale kits from the “Iron Blooded Orphans” line this one is sure to feature a inner-frame and fantastic articulation!

    ■ This kit comes molded in multiple colors and features snap-fit construction.  

    ■ Internal frame faithfully reproduces the appearance of Valkyria frame! 

    ■ Head opening and closing Gimmick, as well as enclosed weapons such as rifles and two blades are detailed!