RE/100 Gun EZ

$54.99 CAD



The RE/100 Gun EZ from "V Gundam" snaps together for ease of assembly, and is molded in color so painting isn't necessary (although it'll look even more amazing with some paintwork)! It's fully armed, too, with its beam rifle, beam saber, beam shield and beam bazooka. As part of the RE/100 series, this kit features the sharpness and detail of a Master-Grade level kit, but in a convenient 1/100 scale. Order yours today!




Beam rifle

Beam saber

Beam shield

Beam bazooka

Stickers for markings


From "Mobile Suit Gundam" series, Gunny appeared in RE! 

■ Beam · Bazooka's rear armor can be mounted, including the shoulder beam · saber storage. 

■ The double multi launcher equipped on the shoulder reproduces the opening and closing of the hatch. 

■ Beam shield with PET material subjected to hologram processing is included. 

■ Easy to assemble structure that makes use of the simple structure unique to RE. 



■ Beam · Rifle × 1 

■ Beam · Saber × 1 

■ Beam · Shield × 1 

■ Beam · Bazooka × 1 


【Product Content】

■ Molded Product × 12 

■ Foil Seal × 1 

■ Marking Seal × 1 

■ Instructions Book × 1


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