RG Banshee Expansion Unit Armor VN/BS 1/144

$59.99 CAD

Expansion unit which can reproduce unicorn GUNDAM No. 2 Banshee can drive Maruda Cruz in real grade!


※ This product does not include MS body. (RG Gundam Unicorn Banshee purchase required!)


Attach it to "RG 1/144 Unicorn Gundam Unit 2 Banshee Norn" (sold separately),


Armed Armed Armor VN, Armed Armor BS, which can reproduce Banshee at the time of boarding Marida Cruz appearing in "Mobile Suit Gundam UC", is commercialized as an expansion unit.


● Fully reproduce the Armed Armor VN and Armed Armor BS with high detail based on RG!


  ・ Equipped with a deployment and storage gimmick that supports the transformation of the Destroy mode and the Unicorn mode.

     Armed Armor BS

     At the time of Destroy mode transformation, the barrel that has been folded unfolds. 

     Armed Armor VN

    Four claws expand independently up and down. Can reproduce the state of wide open.

  ・ Psycho frame part is molded in clear yellow. Be exposed to the transformation to the Destroy mode

● Includes a newly designed realistic decals!

  Realistic decal corresponding to Armed Armor VN / BS enables metallic texture expression unique to RG.

● Marida Cruz's same scale figure is included (stand up).

  Maruda Cruz 1/144 scale figure at the time of boarding Bansii comes with new modeling.

Set includes: Armed Armor VN / Armed Armor BS / Realistic Decal / Scale Figure


This product is attached to "RG 1/144 Unicorn Gundam Unit 2 Banshee Norn" (sold separately),

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