SW - Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike 1/12



Speeder motorcycle is 280 mm in length. Reproduce detailed details by thorough document verification. Some soft materials are used for piping. 

■ Repulsor · Drive rear part parts can be opened and closed by replacement expression. 

■ To reproduce the speeder and motorcycle that fly in the forest, the base that makes the image of the end face appear attached. 

■ Scout · trooper is 152.5 mm in height. By moving each joint, you can reproduce the riding to the speeder / motorcycle and the action pause by itself. 

■ Scout, trooper and blaster are included as weapons. 

■ Hand grip for motorcycles, various hand parts such as grip handles for blaster are included. 

■ Base to image the floor of the Death Star to display the Scout · Trooper as a stand alone is included. 

Molded article × 8, marking seal × 1, water transfer decal × 1, assembly instruction × 1

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