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Work Station Pro
Work Station Pro
Work Station Pro
Work Station Pro
Work Station Pro
Work Station Pro
Work Station Pro
Work Station Pro
Work Station Pro
Work Station Pro
Work Station Pro
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    Work Station Pro

    $134.99 CAD


    Are you tired of always having to clean up bits of plastic dust after sanding or filing away on your models? Looking for a way to work on your desk or kitchen table without creating a big mess? Well, look no further! Plamo Improvement Commission is here to save the day with their brand new Hobby Work Station! Perfect to help you build your model kits faster and easier than ever before by helping you keep your work area clean and free of clutter! A metallic net on top of the main unit allows the small chips of plastic that always seem to result from building a model to fall into the detachable tray below; when you're ready to clean up, just empty the tray into the garbage! A dual-sided black/green cutting mat is also included, which can be placed atop the metallic net or used separately as you like. The lid becomes a handy stand to support your building instructions, and there's also a removable holder for your nippers or other tools. In addition, a groove on each side of the work station allows you to temporarily store items like design knives or bar files. Once you've tried it, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it!


    The Workstation Pro version also includes an LED light and LED light with a loupe magnifying window! These LED units feature USB connectors and can be plugged into the USB connectors on the left and right of the unit. Plastic caps are provided to cover the USB ports when not in use. To help power the lights the Pro version features a 1000 mA capacity battery good for about three to four hours of continual use (*depending on usage). Charging is done via an included USB cable, however, you will need to supply your own USB / AC adapter.


    More Information from the manufacturer:


    ◆ Size


    Main Body Approximately 297 mm X 209 mm X 30 mm (when stored)

    Loupe Approx 135 mm X x 96 mm X 7 mm About 300 mm long

    LED Light About 60 mm X 18 mm X 10 mm About 300 mm long

    ◆ Accessories


    LED with built-in Loupe (magnifying glass) x 1

    LED Light x 1

    USB Charging cable (micro-USB) × 1

    USB terminal protective cap × 2

    Metallic net support bars × 2

    Special cutting mat

    Nipper holder

    ◆ Material


    Body: ABS

    Metallic net: steel

    Metallic net support bars: Steel

    Cutting mat: Plastic

    ◆ Built-in battery


    Capacity: 1000 mA

    Operating time: About 3 to 4 hours * Depending on usage situation

    Charging time: About 1 hour 30 minutes at 1.5 A