High-Resolution Model Gundam Astray Red Frame 1/100




The spectacular Gundam Astray Red Frame from "Gundam Seed" gets a Hi-Resolution Model release from Bandai! This beautiful beast features a completed inner frame and surface processing on some of the armor to give it extra density of texture and depth, while the Gerbera Straight weapon's blade is treated to a plating finish to make it gleam! Add this stunning kit to your collection now!


[Set Contents]:


Gerbera Straight

Beam saber (x2)

Beam rifle



From "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ASTRAY", the sharpened "Gundam Astray Red Frame" appears in the high resolution model! 

■ Painted finished product frame using die-casting expresses high-definition texture and heavy feeling. 

■ The hand parts reproduce the color coding of the fingers and a handy hand is included as a finished product part. 

■ Expressing high-density movement due to multiple structure of frame and exterior. It also reproduces the muscle-like modeling in detail. 

■ Some armor is subjected to surface processing that gives a sense of density by graining. 

■ Gerbera · Straight blade expresses blade crests with embossing and plating processing. 



■ Gerbera · Straight × 1 

■ Beam Saber × 2 

■ Beam Rifle × 1 

■ Shield × 1 


【Product Content】

■ Molded Product × 14 

■ Completed Frame × 1 

■ Marking Seal × 1 

■ Instruction Manual × 1

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