MG RGM-89D Jegan Type-D 1/100



Jegan's variation machine that appeared in "Mobile Suit Gundam UC", three-dimensional in the master grade Jegan D type!

We thoroughly reproduce difference with RGM-89 Jegan with new modeling parts and molding color!

● Reproduce each of the distinctive shapes of Jegan D type with new modeling!

  Head & Balkan pod system

  We reproduce characteristic head of type D, and Vulcan pod system with new modeling.


  Reproduce the D-shaped backpack shape with new modeling.


  Reproduce the shoulder armor shape with edges with a new model.


  Newly added details to the side of the forearm.

  Lumbar & front armor

  The lumbar parts and the front armor are reproduced with new parts.


  New molding of the leg thruster cover part.

● Reproduce the distinctive body color with molding color!

  Thorough reproduction of the characteristic body color of D type with light green molding color.

● Water transfer decal including new design is included!

● Various armaments included

  Various armaments are attached including a beam rifle.

● Dynamic Posing is possible due to the wide range of movement range based on the latest MG.

  Dynamic posing is possible due to the wide range of movement

  Also, due to the flexible movement of the hip and legs,

  By combining with the optional 89 style base jabber, it is possible to reproduce the scene in the play.

Armament: Beam rifle / beam saber / shield / hand grenade

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