MG RGM-96Xs Jesta (Shezarr Type, Team B&C) 1/100

$224.99 CAD


The secret obi hunter-

Jester (Thesher Corps specifications B & C equipment)

From "Mobile Suit Gundam NT (Narative)", MS Gesta operated by "Chesal Corps" belonging to the Earth Federation Space Force

Commercialized as master grade series with "B 班 equipment" and "C 班 equipment" specifications.

Based on the MG Jesta with a wide range of movement, the head sensor reinforcement unit and the main armament "Mega beam launcher & try pod", "Capture gun" are reproduced faithfully with new modeling!

● Reproduce the aircraft features of the Gesta Chexar squadron specification with new modeling faithfully!

  The aircraft shape is reproduced based on the MG Jesta, with some new parts.

  In addition, fuselage color is faithfully reproduced with molding color and seal.


  Scope-type sensor reinforcement unit of Gesta-Chesar corps specification (common to A, B and C), and

  Reproduce the connecting head part with new parts. The sensor reinforcement unit is equipped with a movable gimmick.

  Mega beam launcher & try pod

  The main armament of the Chessar B-arms, "Mega Beam Launcher & Tripod" is included.

  The tripods reproduced with new parts are equipped with various movable gimmicks. It is possible to adjust the height by turning and telescopic gimmick to the left and right.

  Capture gun

  New capture of the capture armament "Capture Gun" equipped by the C-Cseor C team.

● Optional equipment to be carried by Jesta is included

  Optional equipment such as a beam rifle and a shield are also included.

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