SDCS Freedom Gundam

$16.99 CAD


The SD Gundam Cross Silhouette series allows you to choose between two different inner frames that will change the proportions of your kits. You can choose between the cuter look of the SD (Super Deformed) frame, or the taller and more action-packed look of the CS (Cross Silhouette) frame!


The Freedom Gundam comes with the SD frame; the CS (Cross Silhouette) frame is sold separately, and you can use either one to build it! Extremely fierce despite his small size and cute appearance, he's packing his signature weapons; order him for your own collection today!




Lupus beam rifle

Beam shield

Lacerta beam saber (x2)

Foil stickers for markings


Freedom Gundam, the leading character of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, will participate in the SD Gundam cross silhouette! 

■ In conjunction with the CS frame (sold separately), you can reproduce your favorite proportions, such as high-head SD and low-head SD. 

■ "Himat full burst" can also be reproduced by each armed movable gimmick. 



■ Lpus beam rifle × 1 

■ Anti-beam shield × 1 

■ Rachelta beam saber × 2 


[Product details] 

■ Molded parts × 7 

■ Foil seal × 1 

■ Manual × 1

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