MG V2 Gundam Ver.Ka 1/100
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    MG V2 Gundam Ver.Ka 1/100

    $76.99 CAD

    It’s the LM314V21 Victory Two Gundam! From the popular “Mobile Suit Victory Gundam” anime series, the V2 has finally got the Master Grade treatment and "Ver. Ka"-ed by the legendary mecha designer, Katoki Hajime! 


    ■ This kit comes molded in multiple colors and features a snap fit construction. 

    ■ The weapons included are a Beam Rifle / Grenade Launcher and a clear pink beam shield. 

    ■ Three 1/100 scale figures are included: two pilot figures so you can have your choice of Uso Ewin or Marbet Fingerhat in the cockpit, and a Shakti Kareen standing figure. 

    ■ Foil stickers and a sheet of water-slide decals are included for the markings. 

    ■ This kit can also transform to make the Core Fighter, Top Fighter and Bottom Fighter. 

    ■ And just like in the show the Core Fighter can be docked with either the Top or Bottom Fighter!