MG RX-93-v2 Hi Nu Gundam Ver.Ka 1/100

    MG RX-93-v2 Hi Nu Gundam Ver.Ka 1/100

    $112.99 CAD

    The formidable Hi-Nu Gundam gets the "Version Ka" treatment!  Amuro Ray's customized mount from "Char's Counterattack" becomes a MasterGrade kit with design overseen by master mecha designer Hajime Katoki.


    ■ Fully posable after assembly, this glorious Gundam can have LEDs installed (LED units sold separately and not included) if you choose.

    ■ It's armed to the teeth with a beam rifle, a hyper bazooka, a shield, six fin funnels, three beam sabers, and a stand. 


    You won't want to miss out on this one!