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PG Wing Gundam Zero Custom 1/60

    PG Wing Gundam Zero Custom 1/60

    $259.99 CAD

    The most impressive model in Bandai's history is finally here! This kit has too much to list in detail, so please be willing to settle for the highlights:


    ■ 30-plus runners of parts (670 total pieces). About 30 locations secured by metal screws. Two different locations (eyes and chest) light up on the finished kit. Full inner mechanism detail on all limbs.

    ■ Opening panels on the head, chest, and more. Fingers are individually jointed.

    ■ Comes with two beam sabers and two huge beam rifles. Locking systems provide stability so things don't flap around like they tend to do on the Master Grade kit.

    ■ Comes boxed in three separate inner boxes plus a special box that contains the 14 individual "feathers" made from plastic-coated thin metal, plus the metal joint parts, screws, and other goodies. Two separate manuals are included.