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HGOG #006 Mobile Worker Model 01 Late Type (Mash) 1/144
Sold Out

    HGOG #006 Mobile Worker Model 01 Late Type (Mash) 1/144

    $29.99 CAD

    It's the suit everyone's been begging for!! We always said, if Bandai knew what was good for them, they'd finally release an HG Mobile Worker. It's about time they listened!


    ■ It features an interchangeable arm gimmick that is compatible with the Prototype Gouf Tactical Demonstration Version!

    ■ Reflecting its use as a construction machine, it's solidly proportioned and equipped with lights and a winch. 

    ■ It also has a shield and two extra right hands. 

    ■ Molded in dark gray and orange plastic, with foil stickers for the markings. 

    ■ Detailed molding recreates its realistic, heavy machinery-style details.

    ■ Leg and torso cables are made of elastomers for mobility and fine detail.